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H1B valid only till October 1st 2010

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  • H1B valid only till October 1st 2010

    I have to travel to india now. My H1B is valid only till October 1st 2010. I havent applied for my extension yet. Can I come back in Aug 1st and apply for the extension.

    I also have to get my visa stamped in Chennai because the visa on my passport is expired as of Oct 2009.

    Will there be issues in the consulate or in port of entry because I will be left with only 2 months visa.

    Please advise.

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    No issues. You will get the visa only for 2 months. At the POE, you will get an I-94 only till Oct. There are cases where the officer at the POE asked the candidate to show the return tickets as the duration of stay will be very less. In which case, you will need to convince the officer that your company will be applying for the extension.
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