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DS-160 form question

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  • DS-160 form question


    In the travel companions section of DS-160, there is a question " RELATIONSHIP WITH PERSON". I selected PARENT for my son. But when I took print out of the form, it is printed as RELATIONSHIP TO YOU. Then it seems I should have selected CHILD. But since the form mentions, RELATIONSHIP WITH PERSON, I am not sure.

    Can somebody clarify this point?

    Thanks and best regards

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    I do not think it will matter a whole lot. You can explain if asked about.
    This is my opinion and not legal advice.


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      Tks. My attorney confirmed that it should not be a big deal. But still I went ahead and changed it to CHILD.


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        I also did some mistakes on my ds-160 that I submitted last week. I also did schedule h1b stamping interview online. I incorrectly put my bi-weekly wage in the place of monthly wage and put some incorrect phone numbers on my company.

        Can I re-enter the ds-160 application, correct it and submit it again? And if I have done that, do I need to cancel, reschedule the visa stamping interview as well? I'm not sure if online scheduling the interview is tied to the particular ds-160 submission.


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          If you have enough time and the interview dates are available, you should cancel the appointment, resubmit DS160 form and then schedule the appointment again.


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            Thanks for reply. I looks like re-submitting ds-160 is fine.
            But is it really necessary to cancel, reschedule the appoint online? I just rechecked my interveiw schedule site and there is no info related to ds-160 there. I can do it, but re-entering all the info is a bit of hassle though.


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              The CEAC no under the barcode on DS160 is included in the visa appointment letter. So your visa appointment is linked to a specific DS160 form. So it is important have correct DS160 form CEAC no. on the appointment letter. Otherwise the changes you make in DS160 form will not be referred to your visa appointment. So it is important to resubmit DS160.

              I believe you must have save the .dat file while preparing DS160 form. You can use the same file to upload all the data and make the necessary corrections.


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                Are you talking about the case of using online visa interview scheduling on the site below? This is the one linked at the US embassy site for scheduling interview, so I used it. I just rechecked the confirmation info page, and there is no CEAC number there. There are just visa application ID and passport number.

                You may be right, but I don't see any other sources to be sure of it yet. Can you provide some other sources, proofs that ds-160 is indeed linked to interview schedule?


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                  Hi Jin Won Sung,

                  I am not aware of the system in Korea. I gave the reply basis my experience with scheduling interview in India. You may want to check with others who attended interview in Korea. Having said this, I am pretty sure, DS-160 form bar code no and visa interview are linked together. This way the consulate will pull all the information you entered in the form.


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                    Hi vvasanth,
                    I spoke with one of my friend lawyer and he said that for Korea, it's not linked. So it looks like I'm fine either way, rescheduling or not. But after resubmitting ds-160 with corrections, I will reschedule it as it seems like no big deal.


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                      Plz help plz

                      My interview is on next week I make a little mistake in Ds 160 I write I travel alone but I am travelling with my Professor and in the question who support me I shd write university name I write my Professor name ...PLz help what shd i tell In my interview Is it big mis