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H1 quota issue, urgent please

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  • H1 quota issue, urgent please

    Hi, i have a question on H1, please can u answer me.

    my wife is on H1 and is working in georgetown university and now she is planning to do MS in the same university(she has already got admission and classes are starting from jan 12th) as a part time student

    my question is, after she finishes her MS, is she eligible for the exemption from quota system(as per the new rules allowing 20K visas for people having studied in US), i am asking this question bcos she is not a full time student and so is not under F1 visa. IS the new rule is only fo F1 student or will it hold good for part time students having H1 visa.

    please can u verify the exact rule and let me know

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    It applies to any graduate from US university.
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