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Question on H1b counsellor processing

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  • Question on H1b counsellor processing

    Hello all, this is srikanth here and I'm new to this group..my question goes like this ..." couple of days back got to know my wifes h1b got approved ( mostly with a counselor processing) as she was in india when filed ..however now the consultancy thru which it is filed are not willing to provide docs for stamping ( though the emabassy isn't open now) they r given an option to withdraw as they claim that they cannot hold the Visa for longer period....So my question is can she come to USA on h4 which she in currently n then find a job then file an ammendment and COS in premium n start working once it is approved?? ...awaiting to hear from you all..appropriate your help !

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    Entering the US on H4 with clear intentions to change status to H1 would be fraud.
    Opinion only. Cannot be construed as legal advice.


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      Thanks for the response ..how about transferring the H1b while my wife is in India to a different employer and get stamping done and come on H1b ? is it possible while she has an consular processing approval with the fist employer who isn't ready to provide docs for stamping..