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Multiple I-539

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  • Multiple I-539

    I am primary H1-B visa holder and my wife is on H4.
    My wife got i-94 date until old passport expiry, which was last month. Her stamped H4 visa on old passport is valid until Jan 2021.
    Since her i94 was expiring and she couldn't travel outside of USA due to covid, i filed an I-539 form online to extend her i94 until Jan 2021. This application is still pending.
    Now my employer is filing for extension for me and my wife.
    Question: Can I file another I 539 application for my wife given that there is already a pending application?
    If yes, then on new I 539 application, do I have to reference the pending application receipt number?

    Thanks in Advance.

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    Can someone please reply?


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      Yes, you can file another I 539 application for your extension.