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Help Needed: H1-B layoff move to H4/H4EAD

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  • Help Needed: H1-B layoff move to H4/H4EAD


    I would like to know a few things here:
    There was H1-B Layoffs in my company and my last date was 09/02.

    I-140 Approved for me and my spouse.
    I started my 60 day grace period from 09/03. Incase I don't find an employer to sponsor H1-B in the next few weeks, what would be ideal time to file H4.
    Time taken to file an H4 COS?
    How long does it take to get the receipt?

    1. Time to prepare application
    2. Time to get confirmation of application.
    3. Time to get receipt of application
    4. Suggested time.

    Please help with your experiences and details if any.