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H1B Visa Stamping in India - Need Information Please

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  • H1B Visa Stamping in India - Need Information Please

    Hi All,

    My H1B got approved in Jan and is valid till 2023, but my previous visa stamping is till Sept 08,2020. I am planning to visit India in the month of Nov/Dec. Before leaving I will apply for the visa appointment. Have couple of questions:

    1. My H1B got transferred to Company B in Dec 2019 and visa stamping in passport is with Company A. The end client/job is same. As per the latest rule, the stamping is eligible only if the employee is with the same employer and same job. Will I be eligible to go for visa stamping?

    2. Wanted to know about the current situation of visa stamping in India for H1B given the rules set by Trump administrator? Is it safe to go for stamping at this time?

    Please answer.


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    Hi Rahul,

    I'm in the exact same situation (changed employer in Dec 2019, new H1B valid till 2022 and old visa expired in July 2020) but unfortunately don't have any more clarity than you do on the stamping situation back home. I'm assuming that since this is not our 1st H1B, we should be eligible for dropbox but the travel ban may still affect it.

    Wondering if you learning anything new since you posted this?