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Regarding H1b transfer

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  • Regarding H1b transfer

    Last year i applied for H1B and got I-797B approval notice.But i dont want to go for this desi consultant as they are not ready to give me documents for visa interview. I paid them $3000 through demand draft in the name of fees for training, they also gave me a receipt for the same.Now if i ask for my money back it is a possibility that they would revoke my petition.

    My question is:
    If my employer revokes my H1b approval ,in that case ,can i still apply for
    H1b transfer with the same I797B .

    I am in india only and have not gone for stamping yet.

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    You can file a new H1B through a different employer using the same CAP (By providing a copy of the existing I-797 approval notice). Paying for H1B is illegal. You can file a compliant againt the employer if you have enough proof to show that they did not provide any training of any sort and it was the money taken for filing H1B.
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