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H1B Visa extension and bridge amendment

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  • H1B Visa extension and bridge amendment


    My H1B visa got expired on 31-May-2019.

    Applied for my H1B Visa Extension - Non-premium and its filed with USCIS prior to my Visa expiration.

    Bcoz it's filed as non-premium, processing was taking time.

    Before the H1B extension approval, in the mean time, filed for Bridge Extension and Amendment to move to a different location for same customer /project.

    Request Sub Type: H1B - Bridge Extension and Amendment - Non-premium

    Before these applications got approved, my 240 days grace period is over and I travelled back to India.

    After that

    Bridge application was approved on 03/04/2020
    Petition start date: 01/07/2020 Petition end date: 08/14/2022

    Extension application was approved later on 08/28/2020
    Petition start date: 05/23/2019 Petition end date: 02/07/2021

    Attached the details in tabular format for reference.

    My Question ::

    Now, which one will be considered as my H1B Visa valid dates.

    Do I need to go with the Bridge application Petition Valid dates (or) go with extension approval Petition valid dates.

    Attached Files