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H1 to H4 Conversions Query

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  • H1 to H4 Conversions Query

    Hi all,

    I’ve a stamped H1-b till Sep 2021 which I’ve used only for 4 months in 2019 as part of my onsite assignment post which I came back to India. I got married in Feb 2020 and my husband who also has an h1b went back to US.
    Now because of the whole covid situation, international travel has been banned in my company till early next year. So we are planning to apply for an emergency H4 visa for me to quickly be able to join my husband in the US.

    1) Our assumption is that I can later use my h1b again if I find a new job once I go to US on H4 by doing an H1B transfer?(We also have the option of using H4 EAD) Please confirm if this is possible and a good option?
    2) Will having an H1B create problems in getting an H4 visa? What questions should I be prepared for during the h4 interview?

    Any help is appreciated! Thanks