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H1B Revocation Query

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  • H1B Revocation Query

    HI There,

    I have a Query if any immigration lawyer can assist me please. Below is my Case :

    My Employer applied for H1B in Nov 2011. In July 2012 my petition got approved. In August 2012 i got my Visa stamped. My I129 Approval notice was valid from July 2012 till April 2014.

    In January 2013, I entered US and in April 2013 I was back in India. After which i have not visited US till date. Also I left my sponsoring employer in 2014 itself.

    Today when i was checking my Receipt status on USCIS Website, it shows that my application is revoked. I think as i left my earlier employer they must have revoked the application.

    My queries are :

    1) Can any other employer sponsor me H1B based on my earlier H1B approved petition
    2) Will it be Cap exempt or do i need to go through CAP round again.

    Any help appreciated

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    Can someone please update. Help appreciated.