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  • Dropbox eligibility

    I need to travel to India for a family emergency with my H4 dependent spouse. PFB my details:

    Last date of entry into US: Mar 2017
    Previous petition expiry date: Mar2019
    Current petition expiry date: Sep 2020
    H1B visa issued date: Oct, 2016
    H1B expiry date: Mar, 2019

    My H1B extension is in progress currently and I should know the result in a couple of weeks. As you can see from the details, my visa expired less than 24 months ago so I should be eligible for dropbox as per USCIS guidelines. That being said, I travelled to India before my last extension was filed in 2019. Does that affect the dropbox eligibility since an extension was filed and it expired while the visa was not stamped during this time (Mar 2019 - Sep 2020)?