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H4-EAD EOS application while traveling outside USA

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  • H4-EAD EOS application while traveling outside USA

    Hi All!

    We sent in EOS applications for my husband's H-1B and my H4 & H4-EAD in May 2020. My husband's H-1B has already been approved but I'm still waiting on my biometrics appointment for H4 to be scheduled.

    We now plan on of getting the H4 and H-1B renewed via dropbox in India. I understand that the current H4 application would go void if I leave the US, but would this cause H4-EAD application to be denied? I believe that once I re-enter the US on the renewed H4, I might have to provide the new I-94 to USCIS if I get an RFE regarding H4 EAD application.

    Would really appreciate if anyone could shed some light on this!


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    Hi Member,
    Yes. If you have a plan to get visa at consulate then you can do. Once you get H4 visa stamped, you can withdraw only H4 petition that is pending with USCIS. But, your H4 EAD petition will be remain under Adjudication.
    You can expect RFE to seek the H4 status. In case if you get RFE, at that time, you can submit the documents about your current status.