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H4-EAD EOS application while traveling outside USA

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  • H4-EAD EOS application while traveling outside USA

    Hi All!

    We sent in EOS applications for my husband's H-1B and my H4 & H4-EAD in May 2020. My husband's H-1B has already been approved but I'm still waiting on my biometrics appointment for H4 to be scheduled.

    We now plan on of getting the H4 and H-1B renewed via dropbox in India. I understand that the current H4 application would go void if I leave the US, but would this cause H4-EAD application to be denied? I believe that once I re-enter the US on the renewed H4, I might have to provide the new I-94 to USCIS if I get an RFE regarding H4 EAD application.

    Would really appreciate if anyone could shed some light on this!