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Out of status issue - need urgent help

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  • Out of status issue - need urgent help

    I changed companies and moved from a L1 to H1 back in February. My family was on L2 visa and I didn’t realize that my L1 visa expires on March 6th and my new company didn’t ask about my dependents too so their H4 visa wasn’t processed. My family is currently out of status and so I understand that they have to leave the country immediately & have their H4 visa processed before they can come back. Can you pls. share your experiences on is that my only option? Can the H4 be processed here or should it only be India? Will there be any issues with the H4 visa approval due to them having stayed in the US for 3-4 months out of status? Can I apply change of status for them to H4 with them being in the US? quick responses would be appreciated.

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    Chances of a successful COS now is very less as they are currently out of status. The best option is to leave the country immediately, get the H4 stamped and return back in H4 visa.
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