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H4 US - Visa Stamping - Drop Box - 221g white form

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  • H4 US - Visa Stamping - Drop Box - 221g white form

    In short let me tell my current situation:
    My H1B was valid till Feb 2020 for i797 and Feb 2020 for i94.
    My I140 got approved on Apr 2019.

    As my project was ended during Jul 2019 in the current location, I moved to new client in new location with same employer.
    For this my employer did H1B Amendment+Extension notice date Jul 2019.
    RFE on Dec 2019
    Response to RFE on Feb 2020
    Denied on Apr 2020 (reason for denial: USCIS is stating that they did not receive the RFE response. I see the RFE response is received by USCIS in USCIS case history portal and we responded on time)
    We filed H1B Appeal or MTR notice date May 2020.

    H1B Amendment+Extension Refile notice date Apr 2020
    RFE on Apr 2020
    Updated to Premium on Jun 2020
    H1B Amendment+Extension Refile Approved on Jun 2020 for until i797 and i94 for Aug 2021
    Response to RFE sent on Jul 2020(to be in safe side we did this even though the case got approved)

    H4’s (Wife, Daughter and Son) was valid till Feb 2020 for i797 and Feb 2020 for i94.
    H4’s Extension and EAD Extension notice date Dec 2019 - Based on H1B Amed+Ext date Jul 2019
    H4’s Extension Denial notice date May 2020 - Reason Primary Applicant Denied
    H4’s Appeal or MTR notice date Jun 2020
    H4’s EAD Extension Denial notice date Aug 2020

    H4’s have to leave the US before Nov 2020 as per 179 days after Denial.

    My H4 reached India Chennai on Oct 17 2020.
    In DS160 we mentioned that we overstayed and detailed the reason as said above.
    As H4 had visa stamped in their passport until Feb 2020. They got drop box option and the date for drop box is 21 Oct 2020.
    On Oct 28th 2020 we got passport back without new visa stamping along with 221g white form asking to send email to consular with last 5 years all the notice which we received from uscis as part of i797.
    We sent the email to chennai consular as said in 221g white form with copies of H1 Primary applicant, H4’s all 5 years approved i797A, Receipts i797C, Denials, Appeal/MTR forms i290B, i140, H4’s EAD on Oct 29th 2020.

    In between we got H4’s Appeal or MTR status update as Reopened on Oct 27 2020.

    My Questions:

    Does this US Visa stamping application or 221g has connection to the reopen of MTR in USCIS?
    Does US Visa stamping in Chennai take decision on H4’s on their own (Visa Officer and counselor) or will relay on USCIS?
    can anyone tell me how long we need to wait to hear back?
    I read somewhere the description for 221g White form as US Visa office will reach to USCIS to take decision. If so then does H4 need to wait for a longer time? As I am not sure how much time USCIS will take to provide decision on H4’s MTR.
    Thanks in advance for your reply.