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H4 extension when H1B change of employer

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  • H4 extension when H1B change of employer

    I have been in the US since 2017 with my husband. He is a post doc research associate. Both our H visas expired on April 20, 2020. And our extension application was filed by the attorney on 4th April. My husband’s H1B extension came through. And we moved to a different state and my husband had a change of employer. He now works with a different university. His change of employer status has also been updated. He got a new visa extension with his new employer as sponsor. But his visa is now valid only for 2 years. But my H4 still remains in process. The new university said I need not make any change in my application as it’s only an H4 and it’s already filed. I had attended biometrics in October and I recently received an RFE for my H4 with questions about my husband’s status.
    What could be the fate of my H4? Will I be in trouble because mine was not updated along with my husband’s when he changed his employer? As of now I can’t even drive in this new state because my license from previous state expired with my visa and I was given temporary license.. Here they won’t give temporary or renewed license until I have my visa in hand. H4 visa processing times take at least 15-20 months. Please help with any information