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H1 & H4 Visa DropBox in Hyderabad

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  • H1 & H4 Visa DropBox in Hyderabad


    I have a question related to booking the appointment for Visa DropBox. I am planning for a trip to India and so filled DS-160 for myself (H1) and my dependent (H4). I then went into ustraveldocs to book the appointment, where I gave both the confirmation numbers; and then it gave me the Bank Account Details, which I paid, and so the next day the receipts showed up on the profile, which I used to go ahead and book the appointment for dropbox. However I notice on the Appointment Confirmation Email that, my name as applicant name (which is correct), number of applicants as '2' (which is correct) and Visa Class as 'H1B', this is where I am confused. No where on the confirmation does it say H4, though the confirmation email includes the DS-160 confirmation numbers of both applicants and MRV Fee receipts as well.
    So is it normal; or did I do something wrong here? Basically my question is does the dependent's H4 shows up under H1 class as well? Please help me on this. Thanks in advance.

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    Sma thing happened to me. Do you have any updates?