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H1 B visa doubt

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  • H1 B visa doubt

    A friend of mine is currently in UK. He wants to go to US on H1-B. So he got necessary papers from a company in US and attended visa interview in UK itself. But it seems they have kept his stamping on hold and told that they will do some enquiry and kept the H1-B papers with themselves. This happened around 2 weeks back and since then there is no reply from them. Now this guy wants to come to India and attend visa interview here. So can he get back those H1-B docs from that consulate in UK and use them to attend interview here in India? Or he needs to get H1-B papers again freshly? (My friend says that the H1-B papers are all authentic and from an existing company in US.)

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    what does is used to do in UK is he on work visa and what are his qualifications and since how long is he in UK before he went to the cnosulate in UK and also right nwo where is he either in india or UK.