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Spelling Mistake in my Last Name in Visa appointment letter

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  • Spelling Mistake in my Last Name in Visa appointment letter

    I realized that I made a spelling mistake in my appointment confirmation. I missed the letter "c" in my name and I booked my appointment as well. I navigated to the "Update profile" section to update the applicant name, but unfortunately, it did not allow me to make any updates only to the name field. I'm more worried now. Is there a way I can fix this spelling mistake in the name?

    There are no issues in the name mentioned in DS 160 or anywhere, the spelling mistake is only in the appointment confirmation.
    Could anyone please share your experience if you have faced any such scenario and could you please tell me how did you fix this?

    Thanks in advance

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    You can contact customer support to rectify your mistakes.. Otherwise, when you go to VAC for Bio-Metrics, when they capture the mistake you did, they will send you to office to make the corrections. There is one office being located near to VAC. This is my personal experience had at Chennai VAC.