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H4 stamping in India

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  • H4 stamping in India

    I have H4 visa valid till June 30th, 2021. I have applied for the extension in Feb and waiting for approval. I have to go to India in April as my dad is sick. Not sure whether I will get my Visa approval before my stamping date. If I try to stamp my visa in India in May, will the consulate reject my visa as it will have validity only for 1 more month?
    thank you

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    I am not sure, Visa means are you referring H4 Visa that you got at consulate or H4 petition that you filed previously and got Approved.. But, If you have got H4 visa at consulate that is valid till June 2021 then you can travel during these time and you dont again want to go for Stamping (if you can reenter to USA before June 2021).. On another hand, If you prefer to extend your H4 visa at consulate, you can do that. Please fill up DS 160 and get Appointment. Since you have valid visa till June 2021, If you book appointment now, then you will be eligible for Drop box option.. Once you get visa at consulate, Please withdraw your H4 petition that you filed already.