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Help on info for Fresh H1B

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  • Help on info for Fresh H1B


    Here is my case.

    Employer A filed H1B for me in 2008 and I appeared for visa interview in Feb 2009 and got the visa. But I did not travel to US on H1 due to recession. I joined in MNC in India and they applied for me B1, got the visa and travelled to US for 75 days.

    Now another Employer B from india said they will file fresh H1B for me now(2010 quota), but I told them that I already have H1B stamping on my passport validity till Sep 2011. Employer B said that won't be an issue and they can file fresh H1.

    Please let me whether I am eligible to appear for again H1B from another employer ? and chances of getting visa again.

    Here is my track record:
    In 2008, I got L1B and travelled to US for 4 months.
    In Feb 2009, I got H1B visa, but I did not travel.(This time L1 cancelled)
    In Dec 2009, I got B1 and travelled to US for 75 days.

    Thanks in advance.


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    The new employer can file a fresh h1B for you or apply for a transfer using the existing H1B petition. There will no issues due to your previous H1B stamping.
    Not a legal advice. Use of this information is strictly at your own risk.