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Is it legal to earn crypto as rewards for viewing ads on browser while on H1B?

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  • Is it legal to earn crypto as rewards for viewing ads on browser while on H1B?


    I am currently on H1B and I earned some crypto as rewards for viewing ads on a browser. Finally cashed out to my bank account.
    It was around 100 dollars that I earned last year. I did not realize this until I was about to file my tax returns.
    Can anyone please let me know if this is legal to earn money like this while on H1B? and will there be any problem during filing taxes?


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    I suppose it depends on the country of residents. If you are in the US, you are fine


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      It doesn't seem like a big deal. At least, I haven't found any info that it's illegal. I'd recommend consulting a solicitor in this case, but I doubt he's gonna say anything worthy. I don't think our government should make earning money online illegal, especially if we talk about the small amount of money. That's insane when politicians with huge salaries punish common people because they wanna earn a little more for a living. I've been trading bitcoins for 2 years because I'm tired of fiat money, inflation, and taxes. I regularly analyze crypto charts at https://bittrade.one/chart/binance/btcusdt to understand when I should sell my crypto and when should I buy it. Analyzing such charts can be an interesting occupation.
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