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Question on H1-b transfer and petition

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  • immihelp
    Read https://www.immihelp.com/h1-visa-lay-off-job-loss-faq/

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  • immihelp
    started a topic Question on H1-b transfer and petition

    Question on H1-b transfer and petition

    Hi Immigration help team,

    I am currently on my H1-B visa and my current employer has decided to lay me off because of market-budget issues. I am in process of interviewing with other firms.

    But, I believe I only have 30 days to do my H1-B transfer and I don't think my whole interview process would be completed in 30 days. In this case what should I do?

    Also, If i get an offer from a new XYZ complany after 30 days which means my current H1-B petition would be no longer used by them to be transferred and I will have to return back to my home country, then in this case can the XYZ company file a new H1-B petition for me even though I am in India, I still do have a reserved slot of H1-B.

    Please can you please clarify these questions for me. Thanks in advance!!