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Resume work in USA on H1B after loosing Job due to Covid

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  • Resume work in USA on H1B after loosing Job due to Covid

    I lost my job in March 2020 due to COVID and since then I have been back to my home country INDIA . I have used 2 years of my 6 years visa .

    1) Will USA companies be willing to hire me on H1b with my current location ? and sponsor H1b transfer


    Should i get a tourist visa for 6 months , Move to USA and apply locally ? In This case what will be the challenges to transfer from B2 to H1B ( because the intend is different for h1B ) . Do i have to go outside USA to get h1b stamped ( when on B1)

    Moreover , US embassies in india are closed at least till June 2021 . Should I just stop my job application process until embassies are open again in India . Thank You

    please share your thoughts

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    1. If you get Job offer from US Employer then you can transfer your H1B to that Employer while you be in India.. Once you get H1B Approval with that you can go for visa stamping.
    2. Obtaining B visa to search job or accept Employment is not allowed. It will impact your future visas too.