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Passport returned without stamping after VO approved my visa

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  • Passport returned without stamping after VO approved my visa

    Hi All,

    I recently attended my H1B stamping interview on 19th April 2021 at Chennai
    Consulate & I was told that my Visa was approved. After a week, I received
    the passport without stamping. It had a white slip & had below options checked:
    1. After we have resumed regular operations you must appear for an
    interview with a consular officer
    2. You must bring a photograph - 50 mm X 50 mm
    3. Your application is refused for administrative processing. The
    application may be reconsidered when administrative processing is complete.

    There was no additional documents requested either. Did anyone face similar issue? I m still wondering what could be the issue here. Please share your thoughts/suggestions/experiences.

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    It seems, they need additional time to adjudicate your visa.. During these time, they may verify your Employment or they may do back ground verification then they will notify you with further update. So, you will need to wait sometime for their response.
    But I can say, there will not be nothing issue... Its common. Hope you will get positive result very soon.


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      Hi rkk09,

      Thanks for the response. Do you think this could be a photograph update issue? I was asked to take my photo again on the interview day (at different counter) before the interview.


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        There might be various reason. Anyhow, if they need anything from you, they will surely notify.
        Thank you!!