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H4 emergency visa appointment in Canada (Vancouver)

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  • H4 emergency visa appointment in Canada (Vancouver)

    Hi All,

    I'm currently on work permit in Canada and my spouse is in the US (H 1B visa with approved I-140). I've been scheduling for H4 visa appointment in the US consulate since Jan 2021 and it has been getting cancelled and now I have my visa appointment in Feb 2022.

    I'm planning to request for an emergency appointment on the basis family separation and going through mental and emotional stress. Can someone please share their experience if they have submitted similar request. Is the reason sufficient or I should provide any supporting medical documents?

    Asking for the support in this forum, appreciate the help!! TIA.

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    Anyone looking for emergency appointment for H4 visa in Canada?


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      You can book emergency appointment but please see the list of acceptable circumstances that you can see when you request an expedited appointment.. If you are eligible among that category then you may proceed ahead.


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        Hi rkk09,

        I am not sure in which category my situation falls. I want to request based on Family separation - going through emotional stress. We don't have any medical document to support it. Although we have been separated for more than 8 months now. Any idea how can I proceed in my given situation?