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221g Blue Form Hyderabad

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  • 221g Blue Form Hyderabad

    Hi All,

    I'm on H1 B and went for my visa interview on Aug 23rd and was handed over 221g Blue form saying requires Additional Administrative Processing

    The VO kept my I 797/ I 129 / HDFC Receipt and Vendor/Client Letter. She returned my passport and said you can check the status at so and so website.

    Is there anyone who got this Blue form and did they return the passport? I'm not sure how long this will take but just curious if any of you had the same situation?

    Please Advice.


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    Plenty of people get 221g every day. Search for keywords like 221g, admin processing, administrative processing etc in immihelp and you will find a lots of related posts. They will return the passport with the visa stamped if the admin processing goes successfully. Every case is independent and the time taken for each case will be different. So just wait and watch.
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      Passport returned

      Thanks for the reply shervin,

      My passport was returned on the say of the interview. Is that common?

      I heard they keep the passports and once they make a decision they return it. But mine was returned after the interview


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        221g passport returned

        I had a visa interview at Mumbai embassy on 6th August 2010 and was called for reinterview on 16th. After the interview the VO gave me a 221g yellow slip and returned my passport. I was worried that returning my passport was a negative sign. Now on 25th August , i got a mail from the embassy to return the passport to embassy through VFS. they have still not confirmed whether the visa has been approved. I am waiting still. I am writing replying to your post just to reassure you that even though the passport is returned to us, the administrative processing that they mentioned is still going on.


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          Still waiting

          Hi All,

          I had my H1B visa interview on Aug 13th at Hyderabad Consulate. I have been working in U.S for the past three years. Except Client letter, I had all the documents but the VO decided to give me 221g form (blue). Currently my case is under admin processing and still no word from the consulate.


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            I received a yellow receipt

            I attended the H1 Extension interview @ Hyderabad on 16th Aug and received a yellow slip for missing a client letter, which I submitted along with the requested docs on 23rd August and do not have any update yet and I am unable to track the same on the website.

            FYI - I received the passport and they have returned all my documents.

            Are there any assumptions?


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              221g back ground verification

              I have submitted all the requested docs(Client letter) to support my 221g. What if I am not in the project because of the delay in my VISA processing(say 3 months?) and the Consulate makes a Back Ground check after my contract was terminated?


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                LCA not taken

                In the blue form LCA was mentioned in the list of documents and my LCA was not taken after the interview.

                Can I talk to the consulate people and send them a copy of it?


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                  Docs needed?

                  Additional adminstrative processing is checked and documents necessary section is not checked. Do I still need to submit I797, I129 & LCA and passport?

                  Inputs welcome