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H1 B stamping (really painful need urgent help)

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  • H1 B stamping (really painful need urgent help)

    Me (AP) and wife(MP) both have to go for H1 B visa stamping, we have oppintment at Mumbai consulate on 7th march '05, Can I go to Mumbai consulate ? tts service replied in email I need to go to Chennai because I am from AP, I am not getting any appointment till end of april. What should we do ? Its also very difficult to go to two places.
    The other big problem is in Mumabi consulate we have to send paper work a month before the appointment else they will cancel the oppointment. We have emergency we have to go in March first week (also already bough tickets for 4th of march), so Mumbai consulte wont be able to get the document before 7th feb. What should we do ?
    Should we go to Mexico ? This will be first time visa stamping on my wife's passport. what are the risk involve ?

    Please advice what is the best way to get this done.