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ITIN renewal and visa staus help needed!

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  • ITIN renewal and visa staus help needed!

    My wife's passport visa stamp is expired (it's valid for one year and is renewed when or if we travel overseas) but her petition is renewed as it's done yearly ((I am on an O-1)
    We're trying to get her ITIN renewed and the form is asking for her visa expiration date, can we provide the petition number instead and provide that copy?

    thanks in advance~

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    Just provide her expired visa information.
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      Thank you. We went to the local IRS office and she did what she needed to do, made copies of my wife's passport and sent the application in, but we were still rejected. Since her passport is valid but her visa is expired, is that why we weren't able to renew her ID? They did not provide any explanation but saying that "the supporting identifying documentation is expired" What documentation do we need to provide in lieu of an expired visa. We have the form 797C.