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Advise Regaring H1 Stamping

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  • Advise Regaring H1 Stamping

    I'm from India, presently working in Dubai since 6 months. Lately my H1 petion got approved.
    I was already holding h1B and B1 before they were expired, I had been to US for 2.8 years and came back in dec 2002.

    Now again i filed a H1 petion which got approved. I need to appear for h1b visa interview, Can I appear for the interview along with my wife and 15 months old kid so that i can get h1b and they can h4.
    The concern which i have is that my wife appeared with me for b1 in sep 2002 at chennai consulate India, Though US-consulate chennai issued b1 to me but denied my wife reason (214b).
    Now almost 2.5 yrs have passed since that rejection has happend.
    Will their be any problem at Dubia consulate if we apply for h1b and h4 visa jointly. Please advise.

    Thanks so much