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H1B Approval dates not reflecting correctly in USCIS??

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  • H1B Approval dates not reflecting correctly in USCIS??

    I have explained my scenario in detail below. Please help me with this

    Employer A- I am currently working with Employer A and have H1 status until Feb 2023, which got approved in Feb 2020.
    Employer B - Around same time, I had a job offer with Employer B, with H1 transfer approved until May 2021 which I declined in Mar 2020.
    I continued to work for Employer A which has validity until Feb 2023. Last week I tried to renew my driving license in SOS where I was told that they can renew it until May 31, 2021. I showed them copy of my approved I-797 document from Employee A, which is expiring in Feb 2023 and raised a SAVE case for the same. But still USCIS responded back with May 31, 2021 as expiry date. I doubt USCIS system reflects dates from Employer B, May 31, 2021 and not Employer A, Feb 2023. I am planning to go to India for vacation in June 2021 and I fear this might be a problem for visa stamping process. Please let me know how to correct this in USCIS system.

    Also let me know if I can continue working with the current employer after May 31, 2021.

    Any help on this will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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    Your previous Employer must have withdrawn the H1B Approval when you left that company. Anyhow, you crossed May month and you can go ahead and request for renewal with new approval notice.
    And regarding stamping, I dont think it will impact for now as previously approved petition got expired already. You can go ahead with new H1B Approval notice which is valid till 2023.