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Current h1b visa appointment availability in canada

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  • Current h1b visa appointment availability in canada

    I recently submitted my DS160 for H1B stamping in Toronto and when I tried to look for interview slots I see that the first available appointment is on 16th Sep 2022.
    There is an option to request for expedited appointment. Has anyone tried that approach? How was your experience?

    I need to be able to get an appointment before March 2022 as I need to travel to Canada by that date. My current 1797 approval is valid till May 2022 so getting an appointment after that date with the current approval won't work.

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    If reason is acceptable then you can consider expedited appointment. For booking Emergency Appointment, first you will need to book normal slot then request for emergency slot. Once your request been granted then you will receive Email confirmation. With that, you can move forward.
    Applicants are getting visa granted under Expedited category. But, Please make sure, you will have proper supporting documents along with accurate and valid reason.
    All the best.