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Advance Document submission for H4 in Hyderabad

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  • Advance Document submission for H4 in Hyderabad

    My wife is going for H4 visa stamping in Hyderabad on October first week. On the Hyderabad Embassy website I seen "If you are applying for a regular H or L visa, please submit the following documents 4 business days prior to your appointment date at the VFS office located in Hyderabad".

    Is it still happening? Do we must submit docuemnts 4 days before appointment or it is old procedure? If we need to submit, is the cadidate must be there or can anybody can submit on behalf of candidate?

    Please reply if anybody went for H4 visa stamp in Hyderabad.

    Thanks in Advance!

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    For Hyderabad consulate, you have to submit the documents as indicated in the consulate website. Anyone can submit the documents. However, call and check with the VFS helpdesk.
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      please share your experience, did ur appointment get cancelled if u did not submit the documents?