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  • H1B Dropbox & Stamping

    I'm an Indian citizen working on an H1-B visa(Currently in the USA) for the employer A and scheduled the dropbox appointment in March 2022 using employer A latest approved H1 petition number. Now I got another offer from another employer B and they're filing the H1 transfer + premium processing now and hopefully it will be processed in Feb.

    Consider if Employer B petition is approved, Can I create a new DS160 using Employer B approved H1 petition details and share the new DS160 at dropbox interview for the stamping even though initially given DS160 details got changed? Will it be okay ? Can you please advise.

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    If you want to change details after submission and appointment scheduled in DS160 form, you can do it but will generate a new DS160 confirmation number.​


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      what is the difference between an h2b and an h1b visa?


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        You can edit the DS160 form's details after you've submitted it and scheduled an appointment pizza tower
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          Hi, How can I change my H-1B petition number in ustraveldocs after I have scheduled my visa appointment? Because recently my project with Client A has been completed and I moved to client B and applied for an amendment which is approved. Meanwhile, I have scheduled for visa stamping appointment with my current petition number from old client. I have not submitted my DS-160 yet and I am planning to enter my new petition number in my DS-160. But if I do that, the H-1B petition number from DS-160 does not match with ustraveldocs petition number.

          So What can I do now ?​​