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Expedited appointment for emergency in India

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  • Expedited appointment for emergency in India

    I needed an emergency visa appointment to be able to visit family due to a medical emergency in my home country.
    My Current h1b visa expired a year ago so I filed a new ds-160 and while scheduling my appointment it told me that I qualified for dropbox as I already have a visa. When I called the embassy they told me there is no emergency appointment for dropbox.
    So I reapplied for normal office appointment. This time they gave me an emergency appointment.

    Currently the issue I have is :
    1. In person vac + interview instead of dropbox (which can be explained and I think is ok)
    2. Funeral is for a non-immediate relative in home country
    3. Emergency is not in the US but in the home country
    I am not sure if the immigration officer asks for why the emergency appointment was granted as it has already been approved by the consulate.
    Is there still risk for me to go coz if they deny the visa I would be stuck in home country?