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International Travel when "applying" for h1b.

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  • International Travel when "applying" for h1b.

    Hi guys,

    Background: Currently on F-1 Visa, last semester of school, will graduate on 17th May 2023, will apply for EAD after 31st March, accepted a job offer starting June 19th, 2023.

    I am travelling for an international trip to France mid-March (March 12-21), but my job is planning to register my name for the h1b lottery. I know that the results won't be out by the tutuapp tweakbox time I travel, thus it will only be a registration to a system. Can I travel if I have a h1b registration that is not yet accepted/rejected in the lottery? I have a f1 visa that is valid and an i20 with travel signature.‚Äč
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