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General 221g question!!

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  • General 221g question!!

    I have seen lot of threads on 221g here and on other websites. Lot of people mention about blue form and documents needed such as:
    Contract between the client and petitioner, vendor info, vendor-client situation etc.
    What does vendor and client mean here pertaining to the field of work one does? Does this relate to people in IT/consulting firms/jobs? I would really appreciate any help on the same as I am working for a hospital (in Research) and wanted to know if it relates to my job field when I come for renewal stamping.
    Thanks in advance!!!

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    Basically the term vendor and clients is being used largely in IT fields. when a person works in a project, company A may hold his H1B, there will be another company B which may be a another consulting company, which will have agreement with company A and with the actual company C which is client. Company c is where the H1B employee is going to work.

    Hope this helps..


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      Sounds fine. Thanks a lot for the info!!!