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Dilemma to work for consultancy on h1b

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  • Dilemma to work for consultancy on h1b


    I am in dilemma to start working for a consultancy. I have a full time job in EU, but since I also have h1b through a consultancy I wanted to work for some months in USA. During these months I will be on unpaid leave from company in EU.

    After landing in USA, what is required to start working for a consultancy/ interview in US? SSN, State I'd?

    How is current situation to get contract jobs through consultancy for Java developer?

    If I come for a month just do SSN, state id , banking opening and return back then can I interview for jobs outside USA and come back later with offer or after job market is better.

    Consultancy will only pay salary after router login 192.168.l.l.link/ I get project. So this time when I am interviewing for projects will be considered out of status?

    Will my job in EU be considered conflict of interest?

    Thanks in advance‚Äč
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