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H1-B Overstay Problems

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  • H1-B Overstay Problems

    any one please help me

    here is the detailed description
    I had been to us May 2000 and my new H1B visa which was valid till april 10'th 2003

    I had re-applied for my visa through another company, unfortuately the visa was filed on April 11'th 2003. I recieved the reciept number but there was no further communication about my visa approval.

    I stayed in the country without any visa . Finally i decided to leave US
    to goto India and finally left the country march 20'th 2004.

    Now the organisation which I work for in india wants to send me to US again.

    The Question is now will there be any problem for my visa ?/

    Note : I overstayed in the US from april 10'th 2003 till March 2004, I was not deprted either.

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    really difficult to say whether you will have problems or not. quite subjective.
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