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    Hi ,

    I recevied RFE on my fresh H1B petition filed with California processing center.
    The details requested are -
    1. Contract Copy with client
    2. Client letter with details of position
    3. Client site supervisor detials

    My question is , these details were filed earlier as well, as part of RFE reply for L1B RFE.The L1B petition was still rejected .
    Just to give you a brief background- I was in US for 3 years in L1B from Feb 2007 . Returned last Dec & my company which is a big 4 consulting company in world had filed for fresh L1B , which got rejected.
    Thereafter they had filed for H1B & now it has same RFE queries. The Client is same as in L1B petition.
    Is there any point in filing a RFE response for H1B RFE this time, since it looks like the history is going to repeat itself. Also anyone in similar situation, please share your experiance.

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    Your L1 and H1B applications are independent of each other. Every time you file a petition, you need to submit all the required documents. USCIS is not always going to keep all your old documents for future reference and even so, they won't spend time searching for it. It is the primary responsibility of the employer/employee to submit all the documents at the time of filing the petition.

    Do not assume that the same will happen to your H1B petition as well. Every petiton is screened independently. Hopefully things will work out this time. Just submit all the documents requested in the RFE.
    Not a legal advice. Use of this information is strictly at your own risk.