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L1A to H1B conversion

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  • L1A to H1B conversion

    i have few questions.
    if i transfer from L1A to H1B what are the problems involved in general?
    once i get a transfer I have to start working from October 2005 only?
    But there is no stamping..how some one knows that i am on H1?
    i understand if i leave the country i have to get it stamped while travelling back to usa...

    If i have dependant on L2 what will happen to her status?

    once i get the transfer to H1 and start working on H1 to another employer..can i apply for Labour and GC ..?(i do not have a stamping in my passport...i will get it only if i move out of the country)...

    Is there any process where i can apply for Labour on L1A without my L1A employer knowing about that???

    can some one please answer my questions...


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    You can start working on H1 only from Oct 2005.

    You file for your wife's H4 when you file your H1. (Form I-539)

    You can apply for labor and GC with new employer.

    There is no way to apply for GC without employer knowing about it, because employer has to do it.
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