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Job change impact on H1, I-140 and H4 EAD

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  • Job change impact on H1, I-140 and H4 EAD

    Hello, Need clarity on complications in switching job while on H1B and wife's H4 EAD.
    I am on my H1b. My 2nd 6 years term is expiring on Mar 2024. My I-140 is approved and priority date in 2018. Employer is filing for my H1b extension. My wife is on H4 EAD and dependent on my H1B. We haven't got our visa stamped yet.
    I am considering switching my job to different employer. I understand new employer has to file for PR again but my original priority date will hold. Two part question:
    1. What are implications of my H1B and work authorization as my visa has to be renewed every year moving forward? Does it mean the new employer should file PR as soon as I join, so that I-140 gets approved; so they could file H1B extension again for the next year?
    2. What is impact on wife's H4 EAD? As it is based on current employer's I-140, will her EAD would still be valid in the time period from when I switch job till new employer get's my I-140 approved? Or will her EAD be invalid until my I-140 gets approved again for new employer?
    Please help.‚Äč