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Lost Passport and Visa - Please help

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  • Lost Passport and Visa - Please help

    Hi ,

    I came to atlanta last month and just after coming out of the airport.. i lost my passport, in one of the telephone booth in the airport.

    The immigration office did not pin my I-94 with the passport. So i have my I94 with me.

    I have applied for a passport in Houston consulate . Its now more than a month and did not get any response from them ;(. I called them daily..but they never pick up the phone..

    How do i contact them ? Any help will be appreciated.

    I have some other question also.

    1. Once i get my passport, what is the procedure to apply for SSN? Do i have to have my original visa for that? I only have a copy of the visa. Can i get SSN with the new passport, copy of visa and original I94?

    2. How to get a replacement visa? Do i have to pay the entire H1B visa fee($2.5k) and apply for a new one? or can i use my original i797b and go to chennai consulate and get the stamping alone?

    Looking forward for help.


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    waiting for help from someone..please help me.

    waiting for help from someone..please help me.