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  • 221g Blue Slip

    Hi ,

    I went to the mumbai consulate on 27th Dec , the consulate office rejected my visa citing loss of control between the client and my parent company .But the problem was the organisational structure of my company was such that the HR has been outsourced to company B , all my paperwork was done in comp B even though i work for comp A .

    The officer told me i should withdraw the application or submit some documents , my company is providing me with all the documents . But they require some documents like contract between comp A and comp B .

    My questions are
    How much processing time does it take generally ? What are my chances of approval ? Also , Can i apply for H-4 as my wife is in US under H-1 ?

    Thank you

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    How much processing time does it take generally ?
    >>> No one can predict since each case is different. Search and read about the posts related to 221g in immihelp.

    What are my chances of approval ?
    >>> Again, no one can predict. If you can submit all the requested documents, then the chances are high.

    Also , Can i apply for H-4 as my wife is in US under H-1 ?
    >>> Yes.
    Not a legal advice. Use of this information is strictly at your own risk.


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      Success on 221g blue slip

      Hi All,

      I had attended a H1B renewal interview at Mumbai consulate. A consulate officer gave me a blue form (221g) and requested most of the documents listed in the blue form from employer as well as few documents from my side. I was horrified because of number reasons. First and foremost reason was, I was supposed to be on vacation of 2 weeks. Considering 2 weeks vacation, I had left all my life (rented house with lot of stuff, car, etc.) back in states. Fortunately my employer was very supportive in this situation. The employer arranged all the documents in 2-3 days and shipped to me. Below is the chronology.

      1. H1B renewal interview - 01/24/2012: blue form
      2. Submitted all the requested documents - 01/31/2012
      3. Received first response from the consulate - 02/07/2012: Requested to submit passport
      4. Passport submitted - 02/08/2012
      5. Passport received with Visa stamped - 02/11/2012

      Bottom line is, please do not press panic button. I can understand that it is very normal to be panic in this situation but unfortunately nothing much we can do except taking care of requested documents. Believe me, I had lost quite a few lbs in these days. The wait time is not pleasant at all.

      All the best. Hope for the best!



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        H-1 Stamping Experience - 221G Blue Slip

        H1 Stamping Experience – New Delhi
        Firt Time Stamping – Working for Capital One thru Prime Vendor( No layers)
        Date Started June 2010 – Present
        Working since 18 months for same client thru same vendor.
        H1 Visa Stamping Date – Friday Jan-06-2012
        Interview Outcome – Two 221-G form issued. Yellow and Green
        • One for Damaged Passport.( Little of lamination was pealed off on first page edge)
        • Second for H-1 complete petition, Client letter, Copy of Contract, All Paystubs and all W-2’s

        VO asked me to submit documents at closest VFS center( which you can find online) along with passport.

        Went to apply passport in Tatkal at Ambala passport office on Monday Jan-09-2012 Lady there asked me get the documents Verification done from IAS, SHO or tehsildar ( few more who can do) of my area. Getting this verification done was not easy task for me. Had to bring approach and money just for verification. Finallly after verification was done on Jan-11-2012. I applied for passport in Tatkal on Jan-12-2012 at Ambala Office. Received passport the next day on Jan-13-2012.

        Submitted passport along with other documents asked on Jan-17-2012 at Chandigarh VFS office in Sector 8. Documents reached Delhi Embassy on Jan-18-2012. US Embassy Response received thru email on Feb-02-2012 which only stated passport is ready to pick up from VFS office at Nehru place between 4-5pm on Feb-02-2012 else it will be courired to address provided. Passport received thru Courier on Feb-04-2012 with Visa Stamped for 3 years.

        Reached US on Feb-07-2012 at IAD Washington DC. IAD was my post of entry no questions asked my immigration officer there other than where I work.

        I Suggest:
        Always check passport condition before stamping. Get a new one if you feel is required and have time.
        Always carry complete H-1 petition.
        Avoid sublayers.
        Read your contract. Takes time but read to answer VO questions correctly.
        Avoid too much explanation. Be too the point.