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H1B transfer without premium processing

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  • H1B transfer without premium processing

    I was working with Company A on H1B visa, but got laid off in Feb with H1B clock resuming immediately.
    I moved on to my husband's H4+EAD status application, before the 60 days clock ended. (This application is currently in pending state, i797C notice of receipt of notice received.)
    Now, I have found a job with company B which has agreed to transfer my H1B visa from Company A to Company B (but without premium processing).

    In this situation (while change of status to H4 and H4_EAD are pending), it is alright if I make a new application for H1B transfer to CompanyB ? Could it result in a situation where I become out of legal status?
    Can I start working in Company B on receipt of H1B transfer or do I need to wait for a formal approval of H1B transfer to begin working legally ?