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Starting Job after H1 approval

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  • Starting Job after H1 approval


    I was on H4 visa. I got my H1B approved on Sep 24, 2010 and got my SSN on Oct 20. I was already studying at a local university at that time for a MS degree. I want to finish this semester and start working after that (from January 7, 2011). I talked to my employer and he was willing to allow that. He has given me a written acceptance. So, my question is that:

    Is it Ok (legal) to start work after I complete my studies in December 2010 (provided the employer has approved that). Or will that negatively affect my H1 status?

    Please help me in this regard.


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    You need to be working for the H1B employer (getting paid and have pay slips to maintain the valid H1B status) starting the effective date of the H1B (Check the approval notice). If not, you will be out of status on H1B and it will cause issues later.
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