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Filling Names in DS156

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  • Filling Names in DS156

    In My passport the "Given Name" is empty and
    I have my full name in the "SurName" line.

    Now how do I fill the Names in DS156.
    Can I write the "SurName" in my passport to the 'SurName' of DS156
    and put None for "Given Name" of DS156.

    In case of my Spouse passport, the "SurName" is empty and the
    "Given Name" has her full name. How do I fill DS156 in this case

    Please advice how to go about this, Has anybody come accross this.

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    You can either put given name in first name column and surname in last name column irrespective of how it is in passport.

    Or you can put entire name in one column and write FNU (First Name Unknown) or LNU(Last Name Unknown) as appropriate.
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