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Selling stuff on eBay while on H1B

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  • Selling stuff on eBay while on H1B


    If I'm on a H1B visa, can I sell stuff on eBay? Or any other website for the matter?

    If I had personal online businesses (say paid plugins, domain name trading...) before the H1B... will I be forced to shut them down? Or will I still be able to trade domain names and sell my plugins online?

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    Anything that is considered work is not allowed. If you are going to receive 1099-MISC for that work, it is definitely not allowed.
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      Oh, thanks for your answer and sorry for the delay. I didn't get any notification so I thought nobody had answered my questions.

      So to sell my old TV on eBay is not considered a job... right?

      And if my wife (H4) sell cakes on eBay?


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        H4 is not allowed to involve in any kind of work. H4 is a dependent visa and the person should remain a dependent to the primary H1B holder. Otherwise she will be considered to be violating the H4 regulations.

        Originally posted by willcast View Post
        And if my wife (H4) sell cakes on eBay?
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