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urgent help required for h1 visa

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  • urgent help required for h1 visa


    Actually i am on my extented 17 months opt and i was hired by this company as a full time and this company that i was working for wasnt e-verified so when the time they were to file my h1b visa they said that i was not legally allowed to work with them so they terminated me and told that they would file an h1b visa for my but in this case they filed a h1b visa to bring a person to the usa from india not change in status...my h1b got approved and i am still in the states ..so could i start working for my company or do i have to go to india and attend the interview from consulate and come back as my h1b was filed to bring me from india.....please suggest

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    If your H1B was approved as a consular process (approval without I-94), then you need to go out of the country and return back on a valid H1B visa to start working for the H1B employer.
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