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Name Typo on H4

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  • Name Typo on H4

    Hi ,

    I have got my H1 Transfer Approval and Approved H4 for my wife recently .
    But my wife's last name is typed incorrectly (additional letter 'O' in her last name) in H4 document .

    we are planning to visit India. will this be a problem at Port Of Entry (or) for Visa stamping in India?

    Thank you very much in advance ..


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    H4 approval notice is not required for H4 stamping. H4 stamping will be done based on your approved H1B approval notice. Also, H4 petition is not required at the POE. All she needs is a valid passport, H4 visa, H1B approval notice and other related documents to show at the POE.

    Get a copy of the application filed by your employer to extend your wife's H4. If the name is spelled wrongly there, then it is your employer's mistake.

    If it is a USCIS mistake, then it is possible to request an expedite service to issue a corrected Approal Notice for no additional cost.
    Not a legal advice. Use of this information is strictly at your own risk.


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      Thank you very much..i appreicate your help...